7 August 2020

AFS Morning Comment August 7 2020

In today’s Comment we will briefly preview this afternoon’s US labor market data before discussing the summer bump in cases Europe is now experiencing. Regarding US labor market data, Bloomberg consensus expects the pace of…

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beeld op balkon van achteren

5 August 2020

AFS Morning Comment August 5 2020

Couple of things in markets this morning. US Treasury yields grinded lower before rebounding slightly in the Asian session. The entire yield curve has broken out to the downside, with new all-time lows or post-March…

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4 August 2020

AFS Morning Comment August 4 2020

ECB QE data released yesterday afternoon shows that the central bank has been dialing back QE purchases volumes because of the summer lull in trading. Total bond purchases last week were just 15 billion euros,…

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29 July 2020

AFS Morning Comment July 29 2020

Yawn-inducing moves in markets this morning include the 10y US Treasury yield roundtrip (from 0.57 at the start of the week to 0.63 yesterday and 0.58 this morning). Remember, Goldman went short on Monday July…

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27 July 2020

AFS Morning Comment July 27 2020

Meanwhile in markets, FX traders are going places while bond and equity traders are still snoozing. Dollar weakness is the go-to trade these days, with the greenback adding to last week’s losses against both the…

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Beursplein 5 voor offices (1)

23 July 2020

AFS Morning Comment July 23 2020

Meanwhile in markets, US Treasury yields are off Wednesday’s low despite cooler heads certainly not prevailing in the US-China consular spat (and broader rivalry). Furthermore, the Coronavirus keeps rearing its ugly head here and there…

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