AFS at a glance

With a focus on qualified personal advice and long-term client relationships, AFS provides brokerage services in over-the-counter and exchange-traded markets, in all major financial and renewable energy asset classes, to an international professional and eligible client base.

Services include voice and hybrid broking, agency execution services, direct market access, and the providing of electronic platforms.

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Heart of financial Europe

AFS international clientele of corporations, government agencies and financial institutions are all represented from four offices:

AFS Amsterdam

AFS Frankfurt

AFS London

AFS Zurich



At AFS, we believe our greatest asset is our people. It is only with the dedication and determination of our people that we can provide the best possible service to our clients.

We look for junior and experienced professionals with a passion for excellence and entrepreneurship, who believe in the power of teamwork, integrity and leadership.

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AFS Broker services

Market Participants can use AFS broking services to assess trading availability and execute transactions.

Our brokers locate potential trading interest and in doing so create transparency, liquidity and facilitate price discovery.

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AFS Interest Rates

The Interest Rates department dates back more than 165 years and is the oldest and largest independent Money broker in Europe. With more than 25 FTEs encompassing more than 8 nationalities the department has a very strong market position in Europe and both Central and Eastern Asia. The network offers a global reach.

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AFS Fixed Income

AFS has a bond desk staffed by professional brokers who have knowledge and experience in a variety of different areas of the bond market

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AFS Equity & Derivatives

The Equity & Derivatives Department dates back more than 20 years and is the largest end-client Derivatives broker in Europe.

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AFS Structured & Exotic Products

The London based Structured & Exotic Products Desk is a major player in the execution and mediation of the niche Exotic Equity Derivatives market.

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AFS Energy

AFS Energy is the leading European intermediary in environmental commodities. We share our knowledge with our customers, and combine our clients’ interests with our market insights to optimise each sustainability strategy.

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Environmental Compliance

Our team of committed specialists provide transparent and sharp insights regarding the various options and complex conditions that characterise the energy market.

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Structured Products & Advisory

We provide our clients with advice and analysis on the commercial structure and transaction process, while arranging their PPA, GPA and finance requests.

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Voluntary Sustainability

At AFS Energy, we value and support all efforts towards voluntary sustainability. We understand and acknowledge the problems linked to climate change and see the value in taking immediate action.

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Our AFS Energy team is specialised in the trading of renewable energy certificates. We have access to an extensive network of buyers and sellers of renewable energy commodities across Europe.

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Exchange Traded Energy Instruments

The AFS Exchange Traded Energy Products team is able to facilitate the trading and yielding processes for CO2 allowances within the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

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AFS Agency Execution Services

AFS Execution Services acts as an independent Agency-only Multi Asset execution broker/intermediary, acting only on instructions received from clients. Buy-side clients like Private Banks, Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Insurers, Fund Managers, Family Offices and High-Net-Worth Individuals are our core focus. Our target is to provide our customers with a first-class full chain electronic execution experience in financial and/or renewable instruments.

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Product coverage:

  • Fixed Income
  • Fixed Income derivatives
  • Equity
  • Equity & Index derivatives
  • ETF’s & Funds
  • Green certificates
  • Emission Allowance
  • Commodity derivatives

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AFS Execution Services can help Investment Managers to alleviate some pressures like rising costs, lower fees, increasing regulation, compliance costs and technology charges by outsourcing trade execution, and allow them to put more focus on their core capabilities, value propositions and their clients. Benefits are:

  • Fixed Income European coverage (listed and counterparties)
  • Equity: Global coverage
  • Derivatives European/ USA coverage (cross Eq, FI and Indexes)
  • Order Type Best-Ex, Special Instruction, Algo’s, Care & discretion
  • Dedicated team of specialists at your service
  • Trade execution fully in line with regulatory requirements
  • Reduction of costs (IT, memberships, Settlements)
  • Straight through processing

Electronic communication via FIX (Financial information eXchange)

Electronic Markets

For the sake of transparency and efficiency AFS is moving conventional brokerage and financing mediation in the primary and secondary market onto regulated OTF and MTF venues.

AFS creates electronic platforms for issuing, trading, and valuation of our serviced asset classes. In our view we firmly believe that voice and electronic complement each other.

AFS Blue

Public Debt Venue

AFS Blue offers an electronic process for issuing & investing in the following AA & AAA rated sector loans:

  • Local Government
  • Housing Associations
  • Regional Water Authorities
  • Decentral Public Sector & healthcare

AFS Blue

Participate on AFS Blue

Issuers and Investors are invited to participate on our AFS Blue Public Debt Venue.

Familiarize yourself first with our market by becoming a Market Viewer: With this status you are able to view the actual anonymized investment offerings.

In case you want to participate by placing a debt offer and/or react on a published offer, you need to upgrade your status to Issuer or Investor.

Both options require registration with our platform. Generally the process to become a Market Viewer, Issuer or Investor will take up to half a working day.

Our lead managers will introduce their current network onto the platform and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding participation on AFS Blue.

Regulatory Framework

AFS Blue is operated in AFS E-Venues BV, a 100% subsidiary of parent company AFS Group.

AFS Group is fully licensed and regulated by the AFM, DNB, FCA, FINMA, BAFIN and the NFA. AFS E-Venues acts under an MTF license and regulations of the AFM and DNB. ING Bank operates as agent for creating and structuring Bond issues and interacts directly with depository agent Euroclear Netherlands.

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