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16 mei 2022

EU ETS Market Outlook: 16/05/2022

This week EUA demand should remain strong, so we expect EUAs to maintain the current bullish trend. The European Commission is setting a path for gas buyers to be able to buy Russian gas without…

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13 mei 2022

AFS Morning Comment May 13 2022

Meanwhile in markets, the relief rally in bonds masks a very important development that could help explain the continued weakness in equities etc. And that is the increase in real rates. For the week US…

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12 mei 2022

AFS Morning Comment May 12 2022

In today’s Comment we will (relatively briefly) discuss why we are not about to have a rerun of the 1970s stagflation or a Volcker-like central bank response to stamp out inflation. That is not to…

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9 mei 2022

EU ETS Market Outlook: 09/05/2022

In spite of Monday’s price losses, we believe the current high prices are fundamentally supported and further price losses may be limited. A drop to the €80-85 level is possible but shouldn’t be counted on…

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AFS Morning Comment May 9 2022

Meanwhile in markets, there is no reprieve yet for bonds, equities credit and all other currencies except the mighty old dollar as Fed-speakers aren’t backing away from further tightening in the face of economic weakness….

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6 mei 2022

AFS Morning Comment May 6 2022

Meanwhile in markets, more pain for equities, credit and peripheral bonds while the dollar and commodities remain on a tear. Furthermore, Fed Chair Powell’s attempt of putting policy on auto-pilot for a few months and…

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