Regarding the newsflow over the weekend, an important story in our view was the state election in Thüringen, a former East German state. Exit polls show the far right Alternativ für Deutschland more than doubling its share in the regional parliament to nearly 25% of the vote. The left wing Die Linke remain the biggest party with about 30% of the vote. In other words: anti-establishment parties now control about half the seats in the regional parliament. Chancellor Merkel’s center right CDU and its coalition ally, the center left SPD, were beaten badly, collectively losing around 15% of the vote. Another disappointment was the performance of the Greens, who one day could replace the hapless SPD as the junior coalition party in a government with Merkel’s CDU/CSU alliance. The Greens remain stuck at just 5% of the vote, despite their strong showing in the West.

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