In today’s Comment we will focus on two events: the Eurogroup meeting of Eurozone Finance Ministers in Brussels, and the Swiss National Bank Meeting. Regarding the Tory leadership contest, we refer to our Morning Note and BBC News. Today’s Eurogroup meeting will not even come close to the cliffhanger meetings that we’ve witnessed in the first half of the decade. And how time flies. Back in 2015, when the Eurogroup faced off Greece, markets were enthralled by every Eurogroup headline and every utterance from Euro Area Finance Ministers. These days the Eurogroup doesn’t even bother with reprimanding recalcitrant member states. When it comes to the Italian budget the member states prefer to let the EU Commission do their dirty work for them. Bottom line: do not expect anything of interest to come out of the meeting. And also no breakthroughs on a shared budget with a meaningful size or a shared safe asset. For the full report, click HERE