Let’s git this out of the way first. President Putin will not stop unless someone stops him. That someone is either the West, or some force inside Russia, or a miraculously strong performance by Ukrainian army when Russia finally decides to invade. So far, we see neither – and we don’t expect much from the Ukrainian army either against the massive firepower of Russia.

We listened to Putin’s speech in full last evening. We will spare you the details on the historical inaccuracies, the false analogies and the overall misuse of history. The speech was both a list of grievances against the West and a cassus belli for
bringing Ukraine in its sphere of influence by any means necessary. In the eyes of Putin, the Ukrainian state does not exist. It is a Western “colony” and “protectorate” and thus a direct threat to Russian security according to Putin. He gave himself carte blanche by saying that Russia is justified to take any “countermeasures” necessary in order to safeguard its “security.”


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