Through proactive cooperation and a team of international experts, we help our customers to understand how the environmental commodity markets operate by providing market insight, advisory and consultancy services, and general guidance throughout the whole process of finding sustainability solutions that are tailor made to our clients.

AFS Energy works closely with companies that are developing their sustainability strategies and climate-
related goals, and assist them in every step of the way. Being a leading company within the carbon
market, AFS Energy likes to lead with the example.
AFS Energy decided to offset the greenhouse gas emissions for the years 2020 and 2021 from the whole
AFS Group. The emissions of AFS Group account for 204 tons of CO 2 equivalent emitted each year. The
emissions come mainly from heating within AFS’ offices, since 100% of the electricity comes from
renewable sources.

In order to achieve this, AFS Energy decided to support a community-based project in Ghana, certified
by Gold Standard. The Gyapa Improved Cook Stoves manufactures and sells efficient charcoal stoves,
known as Gyapa, to replace inefficient stoves popularly known as “coal pots” within Ghana. By doing so,
the project ensures a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as savings on the
charcoal fuel, which is the main cooking fuel for families in urban and semi-urban Ghana. The project
contributes directly to the Sustainable Development Goals 1 (End Poverty), 3 (Healthy Lives and Well
Being), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 13 (Climate Action).

AFS would like to inspire more companies, no matter their size or sector, to commit to climate goals. At
AFS Energy we can facilitate this journey for you, regardless of how small or how big your carbon
footprint is.


For more information on the steps companies need to take to achieve climate neutrality:  +31 (0)205 220 225