6 May 2021

AFS Morning Comment May 6 2021

Inspired – or better said: borrowing heavily from – this tweetstorm by monetarist Lars Christensen, we want to do present a monetary analysis of the upcoming US inflation spike. Lars’ analysis of the inflation spike…

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Lnd voor EMIR

5 May 2021

AFS Morning Comment May 5 2021

Inflation is everywhere. Especially in the financial press and in analysts commentaries. We were particularly struck by this comment from Monday’s US ISM manufacturing PMI survey:   “In 35 years of purchasing, I’ve never seen…

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26 April 2021

AFS Morning Comment April 26 2021

We already preview this week’s events on Friday, but here’s a short recap. Highlights this week include Wednesday’s FOMC meeting, the BOJ meeting on Tuesday and a smattering of ECB-speakers throughout the week. Regarding the…

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23 April 2021

AFS Morning Comment April 23 2021

Meanwhile in markets, key bond yields continue to trade at technical levels, with US Treasuries outperforming on the Biden administration’s latest tax proposal. The notion that it is logically impossible for everyone to get rich…

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Bas achter scherm

21 April 2021

AFS Morning Comment April 21 2021

Risk-off undertones pervade in markets, with the wires putting blame squarely on a renewed wave of Coronavirus cases in Asia. A chart suggesting a strong relationship between risk-off and rising cases we plucked from the…

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