19 June 2019

AFS Morning Comment June 19 2019

This 10-month old trick still boosts markets — Apologies for the clickbait headline… That trick is of course the Trump admin dropping another ‘trade talks are going well’ headline, or a variant thereof. Yesterday the…

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beeld op balkon van achteren (3)

17 June 2019

AFS Morning Comment June 17 2019

And certainly not blame the Orange Man in the White House for ‘clouding’ the economic outlook with his trade warmongering. Because if Powell & Co do blame Trump, then it would mean that monetary policy…

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Digital figures over high way

13 June 2019

AFS Morning Comment June 13 2019

In today’s Comment we will focus on two events: the Eurogroup meeting of Eurozone Finance Ministers in Brussels, and the Swiss National Bank Meeting. Regarding the Tory leadership contest, we refer to our Morning Note…

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29 May 2019

AFS Morning Comment May 29 2019

Will there be another budget spat between Italy and the EU Commission, with the latter launching a new so-called Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) against Italy after all? Frankly, we have now idea because Brussels moves…

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01-home@2x blurred

15 May 2019

AFS Morning Comment May 15 2019

We sound like the proverbial broken record when we say that the EONIA forward curve is waaay mispriced. Does anyone believe that the ECB will be raising rates in the first half 2021 when the…

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Lnd voor EMIR

26 April 2019

AFS Morning Comment April 26 2019

In the week that was risk assets have been a bit wobbly, while bonds have recouped some their late March/early April loses on generally weaker than expected global data that suggest no rebound in global…

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