Dividend Research

AFS offers dedicated dividend research on the EuroStoxx50, CAC40 and AEX indices and their constituents in various forms. An overview and selected examples of all elements of the dividend research can be found below.

Please feel free to contact our News & Research department for more information about the dividend research of AFS.

AFS Dividend Review

The weekly Dividend Review contains comments on all the relevant news of the previous week that impacts the dividends of the AEX, CAC40 and EuroStoxx50 index members. It also contains a short preview on the coming week and possible trading opportunities.

Examples Dividend Review

AFS Dividend Review Week 49 2018

AFS Dividend Review Week 48 2018

AFS Dividend Review Week 47 2018

AFS Dividend Reports

The Dividend Reports provide an in-depth view into all relevant matters impacting the dividend of a certain stock. Other dividend-specific topics such as the possible removal of the Dutch dividend withholding tax are also covered in separate reports.

Examples Dividend Reports

AFS – Nestlé Dividend Report

AFS – AkzoNobel Dividend Report

AFS Dividend Sheets 

The Dividend Sheets are sent out monthly and contain dividend forecasts for all members in the AEX and EuroStoxx50 indices for the current and coming year. The estimates are specified on both amount and timing, and include the impact on the index. When relevant, index rebalance forecasts are also included in the dividend sheets.

Daily news updates 

The daily news updates are short summaries of news or headlines that come out pre-market and during the day. These updates are currently provided on the Bloomberg chat and by email for clients without a Bloomberg terminal.