Asia Desk

AFS Asia Desk, derived from AFS Interest Rate Department (the oldest and largest independent broker in Benelux), is now a leading intermediate between Asian Financial Institutions and local European markets. With the all-round services (including but not constrained to legal consultancy, investment advisory and trading execution) provided by multi-lingual professionals, your search time cost is minimized while your business horizon is maximized.

Actively involved in Renminbi globalization, AFS provides tailored solutions for your risk management through brokerage in deposits, FX- swaps, interest rate derivatives and fixed income products.

With its unique client base, AFS possesses a pricing advantage combined with a deep and broad market insight, which is a treasured added value to Far East Investors into Europe.

For more specific information about products and the services of the AFS Asia Desk, please contact:

Youwen Wei
T: 0031-(0)20 522 0259
E: y.wei@afsgroup.nl

Xinyan Xu
T: 0031-(0)20 522 0296
E: x.xu@afsgroup.nl