Equity Derivatives Department

Equity Derivatives Execution

Execution Desks and Asset Managers across Europe make use of AFS execution services because of our specialism to provide riskpricings in derivative products. Best execution policy out of Mifid requires these parties to look for competition in their pricings and execution. These clients choose for the expertise of AFS because of the combination of our knowledge of wholesalepricing, and clientbase. We provide these services to clients in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. We provide services currently on derivative products on all asset classes in Europe.

The AFS Derivatives Execution Desk acts as an introducing broker for all market players with retail- and wholesale Derivatives flow. The Derivatives Execution Desk offers the opportunity to outsource our clients trading activities via AFS’s own trade system, and allows these clients to save additional spending because of AFS own direct connection to major European markets. In addition, there is the possibility of benefiting from AFS knowledge and experience in case of larger and more complicated transactions.

For more specific information on the Derivatives Execution services, please contact:
Rop de Pater
T: +31 (0)20 7129243
E: rdepater@AFSgroup.nl