AFS Middle East Desk

Part of AFS Rates Department 

Our newest desk, AFS Middle East, has become the window connecting the Middle East with the rest of the world. With the all-round services (including but not constrained to Sharia’ and legal advisory, investment advisory and trading execution) provided by multi-lingual (Including Arabic) professionals, your search time cost is minimised while your investment opportunities are maximised.

AFS Middle East is covering the MENA Region and the Islamic countries / institutions in the world. AFS provides greater access and best execution to our clients in the Money Market and Fixed Income space, including a range of Islamic products.

AFS Middle East desk provides to its clients:

  • Deposits (Non-Banking and Interbank),
  • Islamic structured Deposits (Murabaha, Wakala, Qard al-Hasan),
  • Bonds and Sukuk,
  • Certificate of Deposit & Commercial Paper,
  • Forex Exchange (conventional and Sharia’a compliance) and Interest/Profit Rate Derivatives,
  • Treasury Bills Medium Term Notes,
  • Government & public sector private loans,
  • Arbitrage Advice.

For more specific information about products and the services of the AFS Middle East Desk, please contact:

Amr Al-Samadi                                                                              Anton Kuin                                                    
T: +31 (0) 20 522 0234                                                                  T: +31 (0) 20 522 0237