Interest Rates

The Interest Rates department dates back more than 165 years and is the oldest and largest independent broker in the Benelux. It has a very strong market position in Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe. The network offers a global reach.

AFS Interest has a broad and widespread client base of (Private) Banking Institutions, Central Banks,    Cooperative (building) Societies, mid and large Corporations, Insurance companies, Multinationals, Pension Funds, Utilities and various (local and semi) government bodies. We are particularly proud of serving more than 10 Ministries of Finance in Europe. This unique mix of clients offers us the opportunity to introduce you to new or less known counterparties and thus expand your trade options and improve your risk profile.

The experienced and qualified staff provides our wide range of clients with solid solutions for all possible cash and risk management issues. In addition to this, the team is specialized in providing advice on arbitrage of price advantages. The local presence of AFS in three different currency zones (Amsterdam, London, Zürich) helps us to keep in close contact with our clients.

Our Instruments, Markets and Services:

For securities like CD’s & CP’s, MTN’s and T-Bills, AFS offers its clients the opportunity for blind trading by acting as a direct counterparty. Settlements and clearing are handled by ICBC and ABN AMRO Bank.

For more specific information on the Interest Rates department, please contact:

T: +31(0)20-5220220
F: +31(0)20-5707299

T: +41 (0)44 289 40 10