Delta One & Equity Finance Products

Part of AFS Equity & Derivatives Department 

The AFS Delta One and Equity Finance Desk provides full services in all related strategies and products with respect to Equity Finance. AFS has a strong client-base in various ranges of Exchange For Physicals (EFP’s) products, Future Rolls, Dividend Swaps and short-term Synthetics. AFS finds its liquidity at principal, high-frequency arbitrage, flowdesks and Buy-side clients. In Delta One brokerage we are not solely active on European indices (Euro Stoxx, DAX, CAC and AEX), but also providing liquidity on Interest Derivatives (Bund-, Boble and Schatz).

For more specific information on the products and services of the Delta One desk, please contact:

Erik Bleeker
T: +31 (0)20 7129227E