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Guarantees of Origin, also known as GOs or GOOs, are energy certificates that provide information on the provenience of energy. Guarantees of Origin are the only tool officially validating the origin of produced and supplied renewable energy. GOs allow customers to recognize from which renewable electricity source their power comes from, and they are issued through an electronic database that provides certificates depending on the amount of renewable electricity produced. Specific GO units can only be sold once and this is because the consumed amount of green electricity cannot be sold multiple times and still be considered as green electricity.

AFS Energy is specialized in supporting producers, sellers and buyers in all the aspects of the acquisition, sale and cancellation of GOs in Europe.


I-REC, also known as International REC, is a universal standard used to report and document the extra-European and extra-North American renewable energy consumption. I-REC is usually used in countries in which no similar scheme exists, and is an efficient and overall accepted certificate to keep track of the renewable electricity production and consumption.

AFS Energy is able to find counterparties no matter the geographical location. We carefully dive into the best solutions for our clients, finding the right match for one’s needs.


Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, also known as REGOs, are GO certificates deriving from UK facilities that include productions of Wind, Biomass, Solar or Hydro. This certification was created to allow transparency on the origins of electricity within the fuel mix of energy suppliers. All certificates are issued from the register system and can be transferred to anybody being part of the Renewable and Combined Heat and Power Register.

AFS Energy is active within the Renewable and Combined Heat and Power Register, and is able to cancel and redeem REGOs on behalf of parties that do not have an account within this registry.


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