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Regulators & Registries AFS Energy is in direct contact with:


CertiQ is a Dutch organisation regulated by the government, and is the only institution allowed to issue GO certificates for sun, wind, hydro and biomass energy in the Netherlands. CertiQ is a member of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB).


CESAR is the central registry for the national support certificate scheme of Sweden. It allows the management of GOs and of Elcertificates in Sweden, and allows trades of certificates between the mother country and Norway.


CWaPE (Commission wallonne pour lEnergie) is the official regulator of the gas and electricity market in the Walloon region.


Dena is a German Energy Agency that serves as reference point for the country’s renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems. Its expertise allow to develop national and international solutions that contribute to the achievement of climate policy objectives.


Energinet is a Danish independent public company that operating under the Ministry of Climate and Energy. It functions as operator for electricity and natural gas, and it develops CO2-free energy systems in Denmark.


GGCS is a UK company that provides assurance to the buyers of green gas by tracking the product through the supply chain. It helps eliminating the risk of double counts of registered biomethane by tracking each unit of green gas injected in the grid.


GSE, also known as Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, is a state company that manages the Italian energy services. GSE’s mission is to support renewable energy trades and energy efficiency objectives.


The HKNR is the German registry that certifies the electricity origin in the country. It takes care of issuing and controlling all German Guarantees of Origin certificates.

IHS Markit

IHS Markit Ltd is a global information provider based in London. The company provides market analysis, insights and reports related to a wide range of industries.


ILR, Institut Luxembourgeois de Regoulation, is the Regulatory Institute in Luxemburg. It functions as independent and impartial entity that manages and prevents abuses in the energy market, and that works for a fair exchange for all market players.


NEa, the Dutch Emissions Authority (Nederlandse Emissieautoriteit), is an agency dedicated to develop policies related to renewable energy and climate. It provides information and advices, and ensures the compliancy of renewable energy laws and regulations.


Ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets in the UK that operates as independent National Regulatory Authority. Its role is to safeguard the interests of consumers of gas and electricity by supporting the development of the energy market and competition, while providing regulations to follow governmental schemes.


Powernext is part of the EEX Group and is a regulated market under the French legislation. Founded in 2001, it is considered to be a market facilitator and operates the French registry of Guarantees of Origin, the registry for Capacity Certificates for RTE, and the Pan-European gas platform PEGAS.


Pronovo is the Swiss registry responsible for the Guarantees of Origin registration in the country. It’s a company 100% controlled by Swissgrid and manages the federal program to incentivize the use of renewable energy in Switzerland.


RVO is a Dutch Enterprise Agency regulated by the government. It focuses on supporting entrepreneurs by creating opportunities, instituting funding systems, creating networking events and assisting with compliances that help to kick start national and international projects. RVO operates under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.


The TGE, also known as Towarowa Gielda Energii, is the Polish power exchange that gives the opportunity to privates and companies to trade energy commodities.


Vertogas represents the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and focuses on GO schemes for renewable gas. It has the function of issuing the GO certification, guaranteeing the origin and sustainability of the certified electricity in the Netherlands.


VREG is the official regulator of the Flemish electricity and gas markets. It monitors the compliance with social and environmental public service obligations, and manages the grids’ distribution. VREG ensures reliability and accessibility standards for both producers and consumers.


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