Structured Products

Equity and Debt Financing

Our Corporate Finance and Capital Markets team is specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions, structuring and arranging equity and non-recourse debt finance for your renewable energy projects. For arranging equity and debt, we combine our expertise in structuring and valuation with our broad network of traditional and alternative capital providers. As an international operating equity and debt intermediary, we have a strong connection with the capital markets and have a clear view on its prospects and opportunities.

Power and Gas Purchasing Services

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA) is a long term contract for the offtake of (renewable) electricity or gas from a specific (renewable) energy project by either a utility or a corporate. The PPA or GPA defines all commercial terms for the sale and purchase of electricity or gas between both parties. We combine our extensive knowledge about power, gas and commodity certificate markets to structure and deliver the optimal solution. With our large network of producers, developers and utilities on the selling side; and energy suppliers and large corporates on the buying side, we always have a solid counterparty to match our customers’ requirements.