Exchange traded Futures and Options

Part of Exchange Traded Energy Instruments

Our futures and options specialists provide liquidity and best price execution in all European exchange traded emissions contracts. We can help you hedge portfolio risk and future allowance prices, generating trade ideas and providing custom research.

Futures are exchange traded standardised forward contracts, needed to buy or sell the underlying value at a predetermined price at a specific time in the future. Emissions futures are deliverable contracts where each Clearing Member with an open position (i.e. long or short) has the obligation to take or make delivery of Emission Allowances from or to the CO2 Registry of the European Union.


  • CER Futures

One CER future is equivalent to 1,000 CER units

  • EUA Futures

One EUA future is equivalent to 1,000 EUA units

  • EUA Futures Options

A EUA Futures Options contract is an option which at expiry will be exercised into one EUA future

  • EUAA Futures

One EUAA future is equivalent to 1,000 EUAA units


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