Exchange Traded Energy Instruments

The AFS Exchange Traded Energy Instruments team is able to facilitate the trading and yielding processes for CO2 allowances within the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). In addition, our Futures and Options specialists can provide our customers with liquidity options and best price execution for all European exchange traded emissions contracts.

We specialise on hedging portfolio risks and future allowance prices, generating trade hints and customised customer research. AFS Energy can also assist clients in the purchase of Electricity Certificates, taking care of the bureaucratic aspects of the full purchase.





The Electricity Certificate, also known as ElCer, is an electronic document issued as a right for support. This document is provided to renewable energy producers for each MWh produced, for a period of maximum 15 years. Through ElCer, producers receive an additional income on top of the energy price and value of their Guarantees of Origin. Suppliers and certain electricity customers have the obligation by law to buy a specific amount of Electricity Certificates each year corresponding to a certain proportion (quota) of their relevant electricity consumption. When the country quota obligation is fulfilled, the Electricity Certificates are cancelled, providing the relevant documentation.



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