Our AFS Energy team is specialised in the trading of renewable energy certificates. We have access to an extensive network of buyers and sellers of renewable energy commodities across Europe. Our team of portfolio managers are able to provide inputs and updates on regulations and pricing information. We advise you on the products that best fit your needs, covering all aspects of the transaction.

Here are the commodities we can service you with:


Via the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), the EU aims to increase the volume of biofuel in the fuel mix of the transportation sector. In the various European countries, the use of biofuel is ensured by obligation and incentives schemes. These systems set obligations for every fossil fuel delivery to the transportation sector. Those that make use of various kind of biofuels like biodiesel, ethanol, green gas and electricity can claim biofuel certificates. These tickets are again used by the ones with an obligation to meet their targets.

Biofuel Certificates AFS Energy covers:

AFS Energy is active in the whole chain of Biofuel tickets, from issuance to trading and usage in various European countries. We help producers of biofuels to enter the intransparant biofuel market. Also those with an obligation are supported by AFS Energy to meet their obligation in the most efficient way.


Biomethane is considered to be the renewable alternative to natural gas. The main difference between natural gas and biomethane is that natural gas is a fossil fuel, while biomethane is produced from fresh organic material. Biomethane has the same specifications as natural gas, and is normally injected into the European gas grid, replacing its less renewable alternative.

AFS Energy helps producers in finding the right buyers; as well as users, supporting their switch towards the biomethane alternative.



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