Instrument range

Via our different European offices AFS serves (private) Banks, Asset Managers and Institutional Clients with execution services in the following financial instruments:


AFS provides your access to the best prices in the Fixed Income markets.

For the Execution of Bond orders we have a dedicated team of specialists. Strong market contacts have been developed with more than 400 professional counterparties from major financial institutions to small specialised boutiques worldwide and institutional end-investors.

AFS provide professional access to:

  • All fixed income securities
  • All euroclearable currencies
  • Global and domestic markets

Our execution services includes:

  • Monitoring limit orders
  • Informing on forthcoming new issues and subscribing on client’s behalf

Our continued investment in technology enables us to adapt to and satisfy the different client needs: Orders are accepted through traditional channels (telephone, email, Bloomberg IB Chat) and by electronic connectivity via FIX or Bloomberg TSOX. AFS provides all necessary MIFID II reporting to the APA and ARM.

Since prompt clearing of transactions is crucial in building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, we place huge importance on efficient and automated settlements capability. Our in-house team ensures prompt settlement, payment and resolution. We also offer pre-matching with Omgeo.


Bund Bobl & Schatz Futures

For more than 20 years AFS is one of Europe’s leading independent derivatives brokers. With offices in Amsterdam, Zurich, London and Frankfurt our team of experienced brokers, with extensive derivatives knowledge, is ready to execute derivates on all main European exchanges. The AFS derivatives desk provides execution services for banks, hedge funds, pension funds, asset managers, liquidity providers and other large institutions. Low and high touch orders are executed via multiple order routings. High touch orders are handled with the utmost care and lowest possible price impact. With more than a thousand clients, AFS provides liquidity and best price execution. Electronic order routing and execution is offered via FIX connection and Bloomberg EMSX.

Cash Equity

AFS provides global execution on all major exchanges via several trading platforms and numerous electronic connections. With an array of algorithms and access to multiple pools of liquidity, execution of all equity and equity related products is done with minimal market impact and the best price available.

Emission Allowance (EUA’s)

Equity Derivatives (options and futures)

With memberships on EUREX, ICE and NASDAQ OMX, AFS is a fully independent Pan-European broker. In this capacity we can provide execution and connectivity on all the European Fixed Income listed options and futures. Utilising the full capability of our extensive network of clients and counterpartiesAFS provides liquidity at the best obtainable execution price.


Green Certificates