Execution Services

The AFS Execution Desk acts as an introducing broker for market players who seek liquidity in order to execute their financial instruments. The desk is specialised in the execution of retail and wholesale orders for professional clients. Via our different European offices AFS serves (private) Banks, Asset Managers and Institutional Clients with execution services in the following financial instruments:

  • Bonds
  • Bund bobl & schatz futures
  • Cash Equity
  • Emission Allowance
  • Equity Derivatives (options and futures)
  • ETF’s
  • Green Certificates

Our execution services offer a scalable solution going from simple direct market access to a fully hosted and outsourced solution of your execution desk. Benefits to clients are:

  • Access to all major European and US markets and listed products (equity, derivatives, ETFs, certificates, etc)
  • Cost reduction: no need to invest in sophisticated IT-systems or exchange memberships.
  • A dedicated team of specialist brokers and support staff to fulfil all your requirements.
  • Up to date infrastructure.
  • Execution in line with regulatory requirements.

Trade execution is the core business of AFS. Whether it is voice broking or DMA, by using AFS you will gain time and reduce costs allowing you to focus on your core business.

Regulatory requirements
AFS also services its clients by means of taking over the existing and future regulatory requirements. Execution takes place within a compliant infrastructure, where, among others, best execution and the pre and post-trade transparency process is continuously monitored and documented.

AFS’ execution service is supported by Direct Market Access (DMA) in the form of FIX solutions, a software protocol which allows clients to route automated orders via a direct line to the platforms or types of brokerage supplied by AFS. AFS is connected to all major European Regulated Exchanges (RMs), Multiple Trading Facilities (MTFs), Liquidity Providers and Market Makers. Orders with specific routing instructions will be handled via the infrastructure of AFS to the venue most beneficial for the client. To guarantee best execution, in consultation with the client, orders from a certain size can be executed via voice broking. The combination of connectivity and wholesale execution is a basis for providing liquidity in all asset classes and for all volumes.

For more specific information on the Derivatives Execution services, please contact:

T: 0031 (0)20 5707256
E: rdepater@AFSgroup.nl