Execution Services

AFS Execution Services acts as an independent Agency-only Multi Asset execution broker/intermediary, acting only on instructions received from clients. Buy-side clients like Private Banks, Asset Managers, Pension Funds, insurers, Fund Managers, Family Offices and High-Net-Worth Individuals are our core focus. Our target is to unburden/provide our Buy-side customers with a first-class full chain electronic execution experience in financial and/or renewable instruments.

We believe effective, consistent execution quality comes from ongoing and open dialogue to ensure that the right options are used in getting the best result for you as Manager and your client.

Product coverage:

  • Fixed Income
  • Fixed Income derivatives
  • Equity
  • Equity & Index derivatives
  • ETF’s & Funds
  • Green certificates
  • Emission Allowance
  • Commodity derivatives

AFS Execution Services can help Investment Managers to alleviate some pressures like rising costs, lower fees, increasing regulation, compliance costs and technology charges by outsourcing trade execution, and allow them to put more focus on their core capabilities, value propositions and their clients.

Benefits are:

  • Fixed Income European coverage (listed and counterparties)
  • Equity: Global coverage
  • Derivatives European/ USA coverage (cross Eq, FI and Indexes)
  • Order Type Best-Ex, Special Instruction, Algo’s, Care & discretion
  • Dedicated team of specialists at your service
  • Trade execution fully in line with regulatory requirements
  • Reduction of costs (IT, memberships, Settlements)
  • Straight through processing

Electronic communication via FIX (Financial information eXchange)

Agency-only execution

AFS Eecution Services is an agency-only broker, acting only on instructions received from our clients. We do not engage in proprietary trading or systematic internalizing

Multi Asset and instrument coverage

We execute Equities, Fixed income, ETF’s, Funds, Derivatives (options &futures/ Equity & Fixed Income), Commodity derivatives, etc.

Electronic Accessibility

Buy-side clients can access/connect to AFS Execution Services via FIX connectivity.

  • Bloomberg (EMSX/TSOX/Leave)
  • Refinitiv Eikon or Redi
  • Infront
  • NyFix, LSEFix, ULFix etc
  • Fidessa, Trading Technologies, Fis etc

Our work doesn’t stop with connectivity

Search for liquidity

Our position as agency-only broker means that we will be able to offer clients access to the major Regulated Markets (RM), Multiple Trading Facility (MTF’S), Organized trading Facility (OTF’s) and other end investors.

Depth of trading expertise

With experienced extremely know ledged expert available in our offices Amsterdam, London, Zurich and Frankfurt we’re able to create a high-quality full chain execution service for our clients.


Our Straight-Through- Processing setup integrates flows from front office, middle and back office systems into a very efficient trade log which are the basics of all our reporting obligations.


Our Compliance team is close to the business and monitors all activities of our clients from start. Execution takes place within a compliant infrastructure, where, among others, best execution and pre-post-trade transparency is continuously monitored and documented.

Best execution

Best-Ex is one of the order types available on Equities. A blueprint (trade analytics) with execution details will be available. Best-Ex requirements are difficult to fill in Fixed Income markets because there still hybrid (listed vs OTC) and are not applicable to derivatives.

Success is measured by achieving requirements versus outcomes and deliver clients an exceptional experience.

Contact details:

Erwin Blaas          Execution Services

Phone:                 +31 (0)20 7129284

E-mail:                  E.Blaas@afsgroup.nl