AFS Energy offers the following services for renewable energy developers, producers and end clients:

Through our extensive European network AFS Energy provides your organisation with direct access to the wholesale markets for buying & selling renewable energy certificates:

  • Guarantees of Origin (GoO) Electricity are tradable certificates that guarantee the origin of renewable electricity from wind, solar, biomass or hydropower sources.
  • Guarantees of Origin (GoO) Gas are tradable certificates that guarantee the origin of green gas (biomethane) injected into the grid.
  • Biofuel Certificates (HBE) are tradable certificates that guarantee deployment of renewable fuels in the transport market.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) are tradable certificates that guarantee a specified amount of energy savings.
  • CO2 credits are tradable emission rights such as EUAs and CERs that companies use to comply with European CO2 regulation or COcredits such as Gold Standard and VCS for voluntary CO2 offsetting.

Buying and selling of certificates is executed by AFS Energy via Voice Brokering, Tenders or Auctions. We provide historical data and up-to-date index and price information that enables you to make informed trading decisions.

AFS Energy enables end clients and producers to do business directly with each other. AFS structures, among other things, long-term Guarantee of Origin agreements and Power & Gas Purchasing Agreements.

Finance Mediation
AFS Energy helps developers to (re) finance projects such as wind turbines, biogas installations and battery storage projects. AFS Energy structures and brokers loans and alternative financing solutions such as Green Bonds and Private Placements.

AFS Energy gives you access to its extensive network of over 1,000 professional clients such as banks, pension funds and family offices in order to secure financing with favourable terms.

AFS Energy provides insights and transparency in the complex renewable energy markets. Our advice enables your organisation to make informed investment, finance and trading decisions.

Portfolio Management
With Portfolio Management services from AFS Energy you don’t have to worry about achieving your sustainability goals. AFS Energy carries out your energy management activities and relieves you from administration, reporting, assurance, and risk & compliance management activities.