Export Finance

AFS Corporate Finance arranges export finance of capital goods. With export finance, commercial and political risk is either covered by a government-mandated Export Credit Agency (ECA) or a Private Risk Insurer (PRI).

AFS is flexible to work with the relevant ECA of its clients’ country to provide insurance and guarantees to companies’ export transactions and investments. Dependent on the country rating (e.g. the Dutch ECA, Atradius Dutch State Business is AAA rated) European bank and insurance regulators consider guaranteed export finance debt as exposure on the sovereign with a zero-risk weighting.

PRI, which is A rated or higher, provides insurance and guarantees to to companies’ export transactions and investments. Generally PRI financing can offer more flexible terms than ECA financing.

AFS Export Finance can support its clients in tickets upwards of EUR 2 million

AFS Export Finance can advise clients in structuring and execution of:

  • Straight sales
  • Non-recourse Project Finance
  • Leasing


  • Counterparty risk is shifted from the foreign buyer to local government risk with appropriate credit enhancement and risk-weighting
  • Competitive pricing
  • Longer tenors available compared to alternative financing. Up to a maximum of 18 years post-delivery of exported goods
  • Standardised premium calculation between countries creates level playing field
  • Optimal use of working capital
  • Exporters can offer their customers more attractive terms compared to local alternatives

For more specific information on the products and service of Export Finance, please contact:

Foke Morsink
T: +31(0)20 5707242
E: f.morsink@afsgroup.nl