Who we are

The AFS Corporate Finance team acts as a truly independent corporate finance adviser with excellent access to the capital markets. In the process of arranging financing we use our structuring expertise to provide tailor-made solutions, enabling our clients to achieve their goals. Through our extensive network of both traditional and alternative lenders and equity providers, we are able to match our client’s specific needs. Our objective is to create the perfect fit between a client and a capital provider.

Our strength is our network

By leveraging our strong knowledge of the capital markets and our investor network, combining it with in-depth financial analysis capabilities we are able to present capital solutions to companies on their (acquisitive) growth and financing strategy

  • True independent advice, an un-biased view
  • Insights in the different type of investors and what they could additionally bring for our clients by:
    o being connected to a local & global investor network
    o having access to traditional and alternative capital providers
  • Assistance in preparing business plans, marketing materials and performing financial analysis
  • Excellent process management

For more information about our Corporate Finance department please contact:

T: +31 (0)20 5220252