AFS Group is a European broker with presence in 4 countries. The AFS Group has a long history dating back almost 170 years and involves a few of the best known names in the history of Dutch brokerage.

1851 – 1990  Troost, Herckenrath & Ten Kate
AFS Group origins can be traced back to 1851 when three financial entrepreneurs set up Troost, Herckenrath & Ten Kate. This firm was for almost 140 years specialised in Dutch guilder loans on the Money- and Capital markets.

1990 – 1999  AOT
In 1990 Troost, Herckenrath & Ten Kate was acquired by Amsterdam Option Traders (AOT). AOT was set up in 1980 and went public in 1985. AOT was an international trading firm specialised in the trading of Equity and Equity Derivatives. Troost, Herckenrath & Ten Kate became the foundation of AOT Money Brokers. In 10 years’ time the Money Market department of AOT became the biggest Money Broker of The Netherlands.

1984 – 1999  Schamhart Independent Floor Broker Services & AFS
The European Option Exchange (EOE) was founded in 1978 in Amsterdam as a futures and options exchange. In 1983 it started a stock market index, called the EOE index. In 1984 Schamhart Independent Floor Broker Services opened her doors to facilitate non-members entrance to the exchange. Schamhart was one of the first brokers active on the floor. In 1994 Schamhart set up a separate entity under the name AFS as an independent interdealer broker in Equity and Bonds.

2000 AFS Group
In the year 2000 the four entities: AFS B.V., the Equity derivatives broker Schamhart Independent Floorbroker Services B.V., the Money Market department of AOT and the commodity broker and asset manager Maas & Daemen B.V. merged under the new name AFS Group.

2000 – 2010
The first couple of years in the new millennium AFS Group focused on the further expansion of its services. In 2001, the London office was opened in order to be able to service AFS’ clients also from the UK.

2011 – present
As of the first of January 2011 (after the separation of the asset management department in 2010) AFS Group was taken over by its current management. With this take over the independency of AFS Group was consolidated.

In December 2012 AFS Group took over the well known Equity Derivatives Broker IWB. Founded in 1997 IWB was with their Zurich branch the biggest Equity Derivatives broker of The Benelux. With this merger AFS Group was able to consolidate its Equity Derivatives services to become a top five player in the European Equity Derivatives market.

Mid 2013 AFS Group took over Energy Broker Neutralco to start AFS Energy.

In April 2015 AFS opened her fourth office in Frankfurt.

AFS has solidified its position as a strong independent financial broker. For the near future AFS is ambitious to expand its activities further in continental Europe and Asia.