Laurens Zonneveld

Laurens Zonneveld (1966) started his career in 1988 as a “hoekman” (broker) on the open outcry Dutch stock exchange trading in Royal Dutch shares and later on as Director of Screen-based Derivatives for ING Financial Markets. Since 2005 Laurens made the switch to the renewable commodities trading by founding Neutralco, an intermediary providing for both the regulated (EU ETS) and the voluntary market Consultancy & Advice and Brokerage services. Furthermore Neutralco was active in trading multiple environmental and energy commodities across multiple exchanges. In 2013 AFS took over Neutralco and appointed Laurens as Head of AFS Energy. Today Laurens is responsible for expanding and the day-to-day managing of a team of over 25 (and growing) enthusiastic specialists providing clients all over Europe with inputs, updates on regulations and pricing information for Carbon, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Biofuels, Power Purchase Agreements and so forth.